Thursday, December 28, 2006

Indu's Hampton Cottage availble for Rent

The jewel near Alibaugh - Nagaon Beach cottage

HAMPTON COTTAGE at the Venkat Laxmi farm only 2 1/2 hours drive from the hustle bustle of Mumbai, find the bliss of total village life experience.

This farm house cottage is on Venkat Laxmi Farms 8 kms from Alibaug. This is on the western coast of India, known as the Konkan region. It lies on almost the same latitude as the southern tip of Mumbai and is very close to this tip across the narrow strip of the Arabian Sea. Check this link if you do not know about (Alibaugh, Alibag)

About the cottage
The Venkat laxmi farm is that is only 1000 feet from the fantastic Nagaon beach. A lovely fully furnished cottage with two rooms, well equiped kitchen, hall, two bathrooms/restrooms and a wonderful sitting verandah is available for rent for a very reasonable price. Situated in the green belt area of Nagaon, 8 kms from Alibaug; cosy, comfortable, tiled roof and total rustik surroundings of Palm and Beetlenut trees.

  • Rates to suit your pocket, comforts to soothe your mind and body. Seeing and experiencing is beleiving.
  • Food is a planned balance diet of easily digestible Veg and Non Veg (Fresh>fish, farm chicken and mutton) in Maharashtrian, Karwari and Malvani cooking style.
  • This cottage is a mile off the Murud-Janjira highway. The best way to get here is either by private car or hired taxi service.

The beach
Sea shore at 2 minutes walk from the farm. Enjoy breathtaking scenic beauty, walks on the lonely quiet virgin beach and countless other experiences at a very short driving distance from ever busy Mumbai.

Walking distance from this cottage you find yourself on a beach that streches for miles with no human in sight.
This is a real paradise, it has lately gotten a bit of tourists coming, but still not as crowded as any beaches here in Alibagh.

Local Attractions

Outdoor photos

Indoor photos

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